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Animated flash banner design

October 16, 2011

The Internet can be a great place to advertise and a popular way to do that is by creating a great animated flash banner design. There are some rules of thumb to follow to help make your banner stand out and not appear too busy. No matter what you are advertising your main goal with creating a banner is to attract traffic. With the right kind of banner you can generate tons of traffic to your website with very little money. The click rate of your banner will be increased if people are drawn to it, and know what you are advertising.

Animated flash banner designs can increase the number of clicks you get daily if you create one that is appealing to the eye. You want to keep it simple when it comes to designing a great flash banner. You want to use colors that are easy to see so the potential clicker gets a good clear idea of the message you are trying to send. You do not want to use too many words. If someone has to wait for all the words to flash up to get your message then they may move on before they click on your banner. The same goes for using images in your banner. If you just have a flashing image that tells nothing of what they can expect from clicking then it does not do any good. A simple and enticing flash banner design is going to attract the most visitors. Try and come up with a short message that tells your visitors what you are all about in a way that makes them want to know more. This may take some brainstorming and some trial and error. You may need to test out different banner ads to see which ones will get the most attention. This is good because you can rule out the banners that do not gain any website traffic for you. Another thing to remember when creating an animated flash banner design is to make it unique. People see tons of flash animation all around the internet. Where ever you go there will be advertisements and flash banners, so yours has to stand out as one of the best in order to get clicked on. Animated flash banners can increase your click rate because they attract someone’s eye when they are browsing the internet.


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  1. sam permalink

    thanks for sharing this great info on banner designing

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